About us

Dalmatians since 1982
Breeding goals:

  • Well tempered dogs
  • harmony throughout
  • not too heavy, but strong and well-bodied
  • with an alert expression
  • a friend for life

Kirsti Greibrokk:

Former chairman and former vice chairman of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club.

Former chairman of the breeding council of NDK and former chairman of the Oslo-Akershus regional group of NDK.

Mobile phone:90 82 10 95

E-mail: kirsti@ecomed.no


Tyge Greibrokk:

Chairman of the breeding council of the Norwegian Dalmatian Club 1991-2000 .

Chairman of the European Cooperation of Dalmatian Clubs 1999-2005. Chairman of the health and breeding commission of ECDC (Wafdal) 1997-2015.

Mobile phone: 97 73 67 04

E-mail: tygeg@kjemi.uio.no